MEGA International announces the launch of its updated AI-driven enterprise architecture platform with the release of HOPEX Aquila

MEGA International announces the launch of HOPEX Aquila, an AI-driven and automated solution developed to help organizations achieve their digital transformation initiatives and architect a future-proof enterprise. Leveraging a strategic partnership with Microsoft, HOPEX Aquila includes the launch of the new HOPEX AI Assistant, helping revolutionize enterprise architecture practices.

HOPEX Aquila: innovative features that redefine the standards of enterprise architecture

HOPEX Aquila’s enhancements and new capabilities are driven by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning and include significant benefits to organizations, including:

  • Increased efficiency – powered by generative AI and machine learning, routine, time-consuming activities can be automated, and recommendations on IT rationalization and cloud migration strategies are automatic.
  • Informed decision-making – make data-driven decisions regarding the organization’s transformation goals with a new simplified report builder.
  • Enhanced user experience – completely revamped UX/UI, making the solution more intuitive and adapted to the user’s maturity.

HOPEX Aquila includes a new AI-driven Application Portfolio Management solution offering:

  • Automatic software product discovery, intelligent application detection, and automatic capability mapping features
  • Automated diagram generation through wizards and a new Intellibar for enhanced guidance throughout the modeling journey
  • Customized content creation, offering a description of software products (technologies and applications) and business capabilities

HOPEX Aquila: a disruptive technology in partnership with Microsoft

HOPEX Aquila includes the launch of the new HOPEX AI Assistant, a conversational chatbot created on the OpenAI LLM model, securely deployed on Azure, and trained with user and product guides. The HOPEX AI Assistant is deployed using cutting-edge and responsible AI best practices, with generative AI models trained on EA data and content through Microsoft Azure. The HOPEX AI Assistant is designed to evolve into a comprehensive guide, specializing in augmenting the daily work of enterprise architects. The AI assistant was trained with practical enterprise architecture information and frameworks and MEGA’s EA methodologies.  

Utilizing a specialized GPT-3.5-turbo language model hosted on Microsoft Azure, the HOPEX AI Assistant enhances team efficiency and efficacy while safeguarding sensitive enterprise architecture data. Integrated seamlessly within the HOPEX Platform, the AI assistant offers a range of preconfigured and customizable prompts designed for application to the EA inventory. These prompts are centered around:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for data categorization 
  • Machine learning algorithms for classification 
  • Smart recommendation engines for proactive decision-making 
  • Generative AI for content creation 
  • Customizable chatbot with generative AI

“Our use of AI and machine learning make this latest release of the HOPEX Platform the most cutting-edge EA tool on the market, and we take great pride in being a leader and at the forefront of AI-driven EA solutions,” explains Luca de Risi, CEO of MEGA International. “We are developing tools that elevate enterprise architecture with human-centered AI. Our solutions don’t erase the need for humans but enhance and support people’s work by allowing them to work faster, smarter, and deliver unprecedented value.”

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