Percepio® Enables Trace Observability for All RTOS, Middleware, and Silicon Vendor APIs

Percepio AB, the leading provider of edge observability solutions for system developers within critical Operational Technology (OT) applications, announces the immediate availability of Tracealyzer SDK, a software development kit enabling platform developers to create custom observability solutions with Percepio Tracealyzer. The SDK has already allowed PX5 RTOS to add Tracealyzer support, validating the capabilities it unlocks for third parties.

“The Tracealyzer SDK is awesome! It enabled our development team to fully integrate the PX5 RTOS with the latest version of Tracealyzer in just a couple of weeks,” says PX5 RTOS President and CEO Bill Lamie. “Everything was clear and easy to use – so much so that we didn’t need additional support. I expect other developers will have a similarly positive experience.”

Percepio Tracealyzer provides trace observability for system-level debugging, verification, and profiling for embedded Edge and IoT systems. Its advanced visualization and analysis features let product developers speed up development time thanks to 10x faster debugging. Tracealyzer also helps developers verify their software to ensure reliable operation and optimize it to improve product performance.

Tracealyzer is available for several popular real-time operating systems (RTOS), including FreeRTOS, Zephyr, and Azure RTOS ThreadX, for which Percepio supplies and supports the integration code. The new Tracealyzer SDK provides a broader solution for any C/C++ software, enabling more developers to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities of Percepio Tracealyzer, including RTOS awareness, no matter what RTOS is used.

“We are thrilled to release the Tracealyzer SDK, the second step in our strive to enable more developers to benefit from trace observability,” says Dr. Johan Kraft, CTO and founder of Percepio. “The first step was the RTOS-independent bare metal support added in Tracealyzer v4.7 that enabled application-level tracing for any C/C++ application. Tracealyzer SDK enables developers to create custom extensions for full observability, including RTOS awareness and API tracing for deep insight into the runtime world. This is a great way for processor vendors and software platform providers to offer market-leading observability to their customers without reinventing the wheel.”

The Tracealyzer SDK suits application developers and platform developers, such as silicon vendors, RTOS developers, and middleware developers. All can benefit significantly from the Tracealyzer SDK in terms of more design wins from better tool support. For silicon vendors, the Tracealyzer SDK can enable detailed observability not only on RTOS and application level but also for board support packages (BSPs), peripheral drivers, and hardware abstraction layers, improving productivity for both customers and field application engineers. This accelerates customer development and thus shortens the time to production orders.

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