Tektronix Testing Services Labs Expands Real-Time and Accelerated Testing Services with New Chambers and Real-time Aging Rooms

Tektronix Testing Services Labs announced the expansion of its product certification testing services by installing new real-time aging chambers at the company’s Wayne, NJ, and Billerica, MA labs. Known for its leading test and measurement instrument solutions, Tektronix also offers testing services for product performance and reliability to support the needs of industrial and electronic equipment manufacturers with their quality control and regulatory compliance needs to ensure their products can perform reliably in their intended environments and applications. Tektronix Testing Service Labs offers various product performance and reliability tests, including environmental, package, vibration, climatic, HALT & HASS, and NEMA compliance testing. Due to increased demand from several business sectors, such as medical device manufacturers, and the changes in requirements due to new FDA and EU MDR regulations, this service expansion is pivotal. These lab improvements expand Tektronix’s real-time aging, accelerated aging, temperature testing, and humidity testing abilities, adding additional capabilities and increasing customer capacity.

Tektronix Testing Service Labs customers can reap the benefits of a broader range of product reliability and performance testing features with focused capabilities, resulting in more accurate data and quality results. The new Tektronix aging rooms and state-of-the- art walk-in chambers, complete with high-powered temperature and humidity controls, are already running. Tektronix’s labs can now collect real-time data to demonstrate that customers’ product performance and reliability conditions are being met and maintained well within tolerances for their intended application.

“At Tektronix, we are always thinking about how to serve our customers best, and that is no different for our Testing Services Lab team,” shared Matt Wood, Director of Testing Services Labs for Tektronix. “We can now provide them with a comprehensive product testing services solution, adding nearly 10,000 cubic feet of accelerated and real-time aging capacity in our Wayne and Billerica locations. This added capacity allows us to satisfy our customer #39 demands for these tests along with our full complement of testing capabilities.”

Real-time and accelerated aging capabilities will be available for use at both Tektronix Wayne, NJ and Billerica, MA Testing Services Labs, and include chambers and rooms varying in temperature from – 40 °C to 85°C with humidity from five percent to 95 percent, depending on the temperature setpoint. Four 10’ x 10’ walk-in chambers were added to the Wayne lab, complete with temperature and humidity controls, along with 2,000-cubic feet of real-time aging space capable of 23±2°C and 50±5% relative humidity.

An additional real-time aging room was created at the Billerica lab, and Tektronix is currently working on adding more chamber space there.

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