Anritsu Introduces Butler Matrix Module that Simulates 8×8 MIMO Connection to Support All 5G FR1 Bands.

Anritsu Company introduces its Butler Matrix 8×8 MA8118A module, simulating 8×8 MIMO connections for efficient 5G UE throughput tests. Designed for use with the industry-leading Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, the MA8118A Butler Matrix is a transmission path with eight input and eight output ports. It supports the 0.6 GHz to 7.125 GHz 5G Frequency Range (FR 1) bands, expanding the MT8000A’s ability to conduct efficient tests on 5G FR1 UEs.

The 8×8 MA8118A augments the existing Anritsu ACC-380 Butler Matrix 8×8 module to cover the 5G FR1 band fully. The MA8118A’s fixed 8×8 MIMO transmission path divides one input signal into eight output ports, minimizing re-cabling when changing test conditions, creating time efficiencies, and improving accuracy and repeatability.

In addition, expanding the frequencies to cover 0.6 GHz to 7.125 GHz supports the 5G NR unlicensed band and licensed 6 GHz band specified by 3GPP Release 16 and 17, respectively. With the introduction, Anritsu continues to support 5G and addresses the need for test solutions to address the increased number of 5G FR1 frequency band combinations resulting from advanced Carrier Aggregation (CA).

With a 5G base station emulation function, the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A provides all-in-one support for RF measurements, protocol tests, and applications tests in FR1 (to 7.125 GHz) and Frequency Range (FR) 2 Millimeter-Wave (mmWave) bands. An intuitive GUI supports various application measurements, such as handover tests and quasi-normal and abnormal network tests. Maximum IP data throughput can be measured for various band, CA, and MIMO combinations. Integrating it with an OTA chamber enables mmWave-band RF measurements and beamforming tests using call connections specified by 3GPP.

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