New AXTAL TCXOs Meet Mission Critical Size and Performance Requirements Demanded by New Space Applications

Q-Tech Corporation, a leading global supplier of space-qualified

Crystal oscillators and high-performance frequency control systems are introducing their New Space Series temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs). Designed by the company’s German affiliate, AXTAL, these New Space Series devices, built with a modern TCXO IC, exhibit low phase noise, high-frequency stability and are fully TID and SEE radiation tested. Optimized for low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite timing, frequency generation applications, they are offered in two industry-leading small footprint packages: AXLE5032S (5mm x 3.2mm) and AXLE7050S (7mm x 5mm). Testing and screening for specific customer requirements are offered, and swept crystal versions are available.

Key features of the New Space Series are radiation tolerance to 50 kRad(Si) TID, single event latch-up (SEL) immunity (tested up to 120 MeV-cm 2 /mg), selectable frequency stability (±1 to ±3 ppm) and phase noise floor of -160dBc/Hz (at ≥100 kHz offset). The TCXOs are packaged in hermetically sealed surface-mount ceramic enclosures for robust operation in mission-critical LEO environments.

“Today’s low-earth orbit applications require lower-cost New Space products that offer proven state-of-the-art performance and known radiation hardness,” said AXTAL’s Managing Director Henry Halang. “The AXTAL New Space Series TCXO’s noise and stability features are optimized to meet all mission-critical specifications. Plus, they offer a unique benefit – their industry-leading small package sizes.”

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