Percepio® and Lynx Software Technologies Join Forces to Accelerate Development of Aerospace and Defense Systems

Percepio AB has signed a value-added reseller agreement with Lynx Software Technologies, an innovator in modern platform software technologies. The partnership enables Lynx to provide its Aerospace and Defense customers with the Percepio® Tracealyzer® software, enabling unprecedented full-stack observability that accelerates software development and verification of critical edge applications.

The agreement sets the stage for continued collaboration to integrate Tracealyzer with all of Lynx’s trusted platforms and end-to-end observability across multiple guest operating systems in LYNX MOSA.ic. Lynx will provide Tracealyzer as part of its LYNX MOSA.ic software framework under the brand name Lynx SpyKer-TZ Powered by Tracealyzer from Percepio. The first customer delivery is already in progress.

“Comprehensive system observability is critical in accelerating the creation of highly complex mission-critical systems,” said Ian Ferguson, VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Lynx Software Technologies. “Tracealyzer strengthens the platform capabilities of our LYNX MOSA.ic product offering, providing our customers with insight to guarantee system functionality, performance, and real-time behavior.”

A key enabler in this collaboration is the recently introduced Tracealyzer SDK, which offers extensive integration and customization capabilities for full-stack edge observability. This enables Lynx to integrate Tracealyzer observability at all levels in Lynx’s trusted software stack, like the LynxOS-178 real-time operating system, and deliver ready-to-run solutions that fully leverage the advanced capabilities in Tracealyzer.

“We are proud to collaborate with Lynx to bring our observability solutions to the most advanced, high-assurance platforms and systems in Aerospace and Defense,” added Percepio CTO and founder Dr. Johan Kraft. “Aerospace and Defense applications are becoming increasingly complex, and observability is an effective remedy for improving productivity in complex system development. Lynx has identified observability as a key capability in their visionary roadmap, and we look forward to helping accelerate this mission with our new partner.”

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