Rugged and Powerful Digital MultiMeter I/O Board Now Available from United Electronic Industries

United Electronic Industries announces the new 6.5 Digit Digital MultiMeter DNx-

DMM-261 I/O board brings digital multimeter (DMM) functionality to UEI’s popular rugged and easily distributed chassis series. The DNx-DMM-261 board offers several significant improvements over standard DMMs while keeping all the accuracy, functions, and features of common “box” DMMs. A unique capability of this board is its -40 °C to +85 °C operating range, making it ideal for use in various harsh environments such as flight-line testing, ground systems and equipment monitoring, armament testing, and fueling systems.

The DNx-DMM-261, calibrated per the ISO 17025 standard, can be used in all UEI chassis. The board provides DC voltage input ranges from 300 VDC to 100 mVDC, AC voltage from 250 VAC to 125 mVAC, DC ranges from 2A to 1mA, AC current ranges from 2A to 1 mA plus two and four wire resistance measurement ranges from 100 MΩ to 10 Ω. AC measurements are true RMS. The DNx-DMM-261 board can be used with many cable and screw terminal options as well as with several different switchboards that allow the DMM to easily interface to larger multichannel systems.

The DNx-DMM-261 is supported by the included UEIDAQ Framework, which provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use API supporting the most popular operating systems and programming languages. As with all UEI PowerDNA products, the DNx-DMM-261 is backed by UEI’s revolutionary 10-year availability guarantee and a standard 3-year hardware warranty, with the ability to extend up to 10 years to mitigate obsolescence issues.

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