ViaLite Extension Kits Bring Timing Signals to GPS Black-spots

By enabling remote GPS/GNSS signals to be received where no GPS reception is available, the new RF over fiber (RFoF) GPS extension kits from ViaLite are ideal for delivering timing signals to building interiors and underground facilities such as tunnels and mines.

The GPS or derived timing reference signals are essential for timing and synchronization applications for Base Station timing and by Network Time Protocol (NTP) server networks to maintain the highly accurate clock systems required by today’s computer networks.

ViaLite’s new kits can carry the signals as far as 10 km as standard, and even longer distances of more than 50 km are possible. Unlike traditional coaxial cable, signal transmission over optical fiber can be achieved with no RF loss and zero introduction of noise.

Suitable for GPS (L1, L2, L5), GALILEO, GLONASS, and BeiDou bands, they are compatible with leading providers’ NTP servers, including Microchip and Meinberg.

Among the many application areas for the kits are telco operators, telecom synchronization, banking and finance, data centers, and defense.

Amair Khan, ViaLite Business Development Manager, said: “The kits were developed to make it easier for customers around the world to order under a single part number and not to have to worry about regional power supply differences. They are a simple plug-and-play solution that is very effective in bringing GPS signals to areas where coax fails to do this.”

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