Industrial 1U PCIe WatchDog Board from Amfeltec’s new PacketShark Family(TM) is in Production.

Amfeltec Corporation announced the release of the smallest watchdog timer on the market to date: the first product of the new PacketShark Product Family(TM), the Industrial 1U x1 PCIe WatchDog Timer, is in full Production.

“Amfeltec is continuing to expand its product line with our latest PacketShark Product Family(TM), which is dedicated to system monitoring and crash recovery,” says Michael Feldman, President and CTO of Amfeltec Corp. “We are targeting both IoT consumer applications and embedded applications, where systems must operate in the field without human interaction. The PacketShark family will monitor system operation and facilitate recovery in case of operation-critical disruptions, such as a system crash or a power outage.”

The 1U PCIe WatchDog Timer board can operate at industrial temperatures (-40 °C to +85°C). The board can generate a system-reset signal to restart an embedded appliance in case of a system crash or overheating.

The WatchDog Timer (P/N: SKU-091-10) requires no driver and is transparent to the O.S.

The board dimensions are 2.6” x 1.18” (65 mm x 30 mm), which makes it the smallest timer on the market. It is held securely inside a PCIe connector via Amfeltec’s PCIe Retainer (U.S. Patent #7,850,475), eliminating the need for any bracket.

The upstream connection from the timer to the motherboard is done via a male x1 PCIe connector, allowing the timer to be installed in a motherboard PCIe slot of any size.

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