MEMKOR announces NEW ORANGE-series XMC SSDs

Leading the way in advanced military-grade storage solutions, MEMKOR is excited to introduce its newest product, the MEMKOR XMC SSD. Now available in the standard VITA 42.0 compliant model, a customized variant that seamlessly integrates with almost any manufacturer’s Single Board Computer (SBC).

Unlike competing XMC solutions that rely on multiple third-party M.2 or equivalent small-form-factor storage devices, the MEMKOR XMC SSD is a genuine MEMKOR ORANGE-series Military-grade SSD. All components are integrated into the XMC PCBA. This approach avoids compromises in ruggedization, as M.2 vibration resilience is limited (2-4g RMS). It eliminates the need for PCIe switches, streamlining performance. The MEMKOR design minimizes components, reduces power consumption, and mitigates heat management challenges.

Designed and built for harsh operating environments, the MEMKOR XMC SSD ensures outstanding performance without compromise. Customers benefit from all the same features and functionality of the MEMKOR ORANGE-series SSDs, including state-of-the-art flash management techniques, end-to-end data protection, Military-grade hardware-based encryption, and secure erase and write protection. FIPS140-2-compliant solutions are also available.


Standard VITA 42.0 Compliance: The MEMKOR XMC SSD is rugged without compromising the standard VITA 42.0 dimension restrictions, providing a reliable solution for mission-critical applications.

Custom Fit Solutions: Recognizing the varied requirements of our customers, MEMKOR continues its tradition of providing customized solutions. MEMKOR XMC SSDs are available in configurations that cater to the specific needs of different manufacturers’ SBCs. MEMKOR’s ability to adapt to varying keep-out zones, heat sinks, and other unique specifications perfectly fits almost any 3U VPX SBC environment while maximizing capacity and reliability.

Optimized Performance: Leveraging cutting-edge technology and employing industrial-grade MLC and SLC NAND, the XMC SSD Series delivers top-tier performance throughout the full Military operating temperature range (-40C to +85C).

Rugged Design and Build: With MEMKOR’s Military-grade SSD end-to-end architecture, every component, including NAND, is integrated into the XMC PCBA, ensuring unmatched ruggedness, performance, and reliability—no reliance on third-party add-on SSDs.

 “This latest addition to our XMC SSD Series reaffirms our commitment to providing our customers with the best-in-class storage solutions,” said John O’Bryan, VP of Sales at MEMKOR. “The combination of standard VITA42.0 compliance and our continued dedication to customization ensures that MEMKOR remains at the forefront of innovation in military-grade storage technology.”

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