AirBorn launches SOSA-aligned Intelligent VPX Power Supply.

AirBorn, a leader in designing, qualifying, and manufacturing rugged electronics, is proud to announce the release of its new Power BladeTM VPX power supply. With a maximum output power greater than 2000 watts, the Power BladeTM sets a new standard for VPX power density and efficiency.

The Power BladeTM is a 6U power supply with the highest overall VPX power density and efficiency available today. As a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product, it meets the VPX and VITA 62 open architecture and performance requirements. Notably, it delivers nearly twice the output of traditional 6U power supplies with a remarkable efficiency of 95%. This allows customers to support the higher power levels required in modern defense applications without increasing the size of their power supply units.

“New defense electronics solutions often have higher power consumption. Our Power Blade power supplies can satisfy the COTS requirement and the need for state-of-art performance,” said Michael Blanchfield, AirBorn Product Group Director.

In addition, the Power BladeTM meets MIL-STD-461 conducted EMI emission requirements without external filtering. “This unique feature offers cost and space savings compared to alternative solutions on the market,” explained Scott Pool, director of engineering for AirBorn’s power group.

The Power BladeTM VPX power supply is an intelligent power solution that meets and exceeds the evolving needs of modern defense applications. The embedded intelligence allows flexible sharing through dispatchable power, which can be configured to control voltage, balance current, or temperature across multiple power supplies. Additionally, Power Blade’s intelligence allows system designers to utilize a dual data bus communication where a system controller or chassis manager can talk to the power supply and inquire about input voltages, output cards, power temperatures, and other information from the power supply, possibly predicting failures.

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