Keysight and ETS-Lindgren Deliver First Narrowband Non-Terrestrial Networks Over-The-Air Test Solution

The joint solution was developed to assess the transmitter/receiver performance of devices supporting narrowband non-terrestrial networks under over-the-air conditions Provides a key enabler to accelerate the mobile ecosystem’s rapid deployment ambitions for non-terrestrial networks

Keysight Technologies, Inc. and ETS-Lindgren announce an industry-first over-the-air (OTA) test solution for devices supporting the narrowband non-terrestrial networks (NB-NTN) technology.

Non-terrestrial networks (NTN), a 3GPP Release 17 (Rel-17) feature, enables cellular communications to be delivered by satellite, providing secure, reliable, and high bandwidth coverage to isolated locations globally. The initial technology enabled by NTN is the narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT), which allows many new use cases, including asset tracking, remote monitoring, and emergency services. This enables mobile network operators to cover a wider geographical area and a more significant number of subscribers.

Working in close partnership, Keysight and ETS-Lindgren developed a joint OTA test solution for measuring and validating the transmitter/receiver performance of devices supporting NB-NTN. These tests allow device manufacturers to assess real-life performance to ensure they meet consumer expectations and the requirements of network operators and regulators. The solution will also support the forthcoming CTIA OTA test requirements for NTN devices.

The combined solution comprises Keysight’s UXM E7515B NTN software, ETS-Lindgren’s OTA test chambers, and EMQuest Antenna Measurement Software. The Keysight NTN software runs on the Keysight E7515x family of UXM 5G Wireless Test Platforms. It emulates terrestrial and satellite networks, including satellites in low, mid, or geo-stationary/synchronous orbits, to test the effects of Doppler shifts. The built-in channel emulation capabilities of the UXM 5G also allow the performance of devices to be assessed under real-world channel fading conditions in a lab environment. Along with ETS-Lindgren’s OTA test chambers and EMQuest Antenna Measurement Software, the fully integrated solution allows the transmitter and receiver performance of NTN devices to be assessed, including measurements such as Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS).

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