New XMC Module Features Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC for Embedded I/O Processing and Programmable Logic Functions

Acromag’s new XMC offers multi-core ARM® processors, FPGA capabilities, and I/O interfaces on a modular format for high-performance computing applications in various architectures.

New XMC Module Features Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC for Embedded I/O Processing and Programmable Logic Functions

Wixom, MI: Acromag introduced the new XMC-ZU5EV module with an AMD (Xilinx) Zynq UltraScale+ device that combines a feature-rich ARM-based processing system and FPGA logic in a single chip. A quad-core application processor and dual-core real-time processor deliver high-performance CPU capabilities. The integrated programmable logic is ideal for compute-intensive tasks. Dedicated processing blocks are available for graphics and video processing. Additional resources include on-chip memory, external memory interfaces, and a rich set of peripheral connectivity interfaces. It is an ideal solution for real-time control, sensor fusion, data processing, and many other functions for defense, industrial, or laboratory applications.

AMD’s XCZU5EV multi-processor system-on-a-chip (MPSoC) hosts a quad-core ARM Cortex A53 and dual-core ARM Cortex R5 for heterogeneous computing and scalability. On-chip programmable logic has 256k cells, 1248 DSP slices, lots of RAM, and high-speed interfaces to outperform multi-chip FPGA solutions: an integrated Mali™-400 GPU and video codec support offloading of multi-media processing.

“With multiple processing engines, advanced programmable logic, and high-speed interfaces, this XMC offers immense possibilities for sensor, packet, image, and video processing applications,” states Robert Greenfield, Acromag’s Business Development Manager.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, these XMCs provide dependable operation for military, aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, and scientific research systems—the versatile mezzanine format mounts on VPX, VME, PCIe, and other embedded computing carrier cards. Air-cooled versions for front I/O and conduction-cooled models for backplane I/O are available. Various plug-in front I/O cards interface Ethernet, USB, DisplayPort, RS485, LVDS, and other I/O signals.

The beauty of the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC architecture lies in the tight integration of its programmable logic with the processing system. Its high-throughput interface eliminates bottlenecks that plague two-chip FPGA solutions and allows designers to easily extend the processing system’s capabilities. Now, developers can build custom designs by adding peripherals to the programmable logic and increase overall system performance by partitioning hardware and software functions with custom accelerators.

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