Silynxcom Delivers $280,000 Repeat Order from Military Customer.

The Customer’s purchase orders to date collectively amount to over $1 million

Silynxcom Ltd. announced it delivered approximately $280,000 worth of Clarus In-Ear Headsets to a military customer (the “Customer”) in a follow-up purchase order.

This is the second order Silynxcom has received from the Customer for products from its advanced Clarus In-Ear Headset system family and the third order from the Customer overall. To date, the Customer’s purchase orders amount to over $1,000,000.

“Silynxcom continues strengthening its position as a leading innovative company in tactical communication solutions. Our customer base is rapidly increasing, with new companies and defense organizations from many countries worldwide ordering our products and expressing their satisfaction,” said Nir Klein, the Chief Executive Officer of Silynxcom.

Silynxcom’s unique in-ear sound protection headset system incorporates a proprietary in-ear microphone that allows “talking from the ear” technology combined with enhanced environmental hearing and sound compression technology that protects the user from loud noises, thereby protecting the user’s hearing.

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