Infinera G.X. Series Powers Paratus Superhighway Network Between Johannesburg and Europe

Infinera announced that Paratus Group, a leading network provider in Africa, deployed Infinera’s G.X. Series and FlexILS solutions to offer the lowest-latency express route between Johannesburg and Lisbon. The solution delivers services with a latency of 123 milliseconds and supports wavelengths up to 800G. Infinera’s solutions were deployed on the recently completed 1,890-km Paratus express fiber link between Johannesburg and Europe, via Botswana to Swakopmund, where it connects with the Equiano subsea cable from Namibia to Lisbon and on to London and the rest of Europe.

Paratus’ new superhighway offers network operators an unparalleled opportunity for capacity and redundancy where resilience and high-speed performance are required. This guarantees seamless data flow, efficient communications, and uninterrupted services. Paratus is the landing partner for the Equiano subsea cable, which offers diverse routing and geographically separated paths. Deploying Infinera’s solutions mitigates possible cable station faults and ensures the network remains intact and fully functional around the clock.

“As a steadfast partner on the ground in Africa, Paratus offers unrivaled wholesale capacity solutions for network operators, exemplified by our advanced technology from Infinera, our infrastructure, and our commitment to offering redundancy,” said Martin Cox, Paratus Group Chief Commercial Officer.

“Our continual investment in creating Africa’s quality network is now extended with the live launch of this superhighway powered by Infinera’s industry-leading technology. This is an exciting time for network operators in South Africa because they can now enjoy the fastest and most robust connectivity from Africa to Europe,” said Schalk Erasmus, CEO of Paratus Group.

“Deploying Infinera’s G.X. networking solution enables Paratus to leverage the industry’s highest-capacity solution to offer its customers high-performance services while minimizing latency and maximizing reliability,” said Nick Walden, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Infinera. We are pleased to work with Paratus to launch these new services in the region.”

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