Teledyne FLIR IIS announces a new stereo vision product for high-accuracy robotics applications.

Bumblebee X is the latest GigE-powered stereo imaging solution, delivering high accuracy and low latency for robotic guidance and pick-and-place applications.

Teledyne FLIR IIS is pleased to announce the Bumblebee® X series – an advanced stereo vision solution built on our best-in-class stereo vision portfolio. Our legacy of stereo vision solutions started over 25 years ago with Point Grey Research’s Triclops® and Digiclops®. We have actualized a new industrial stereo camera, Bumblebee X, and software, Spinnaker® 3D, that offers a comprehensive solution with onboard processing to build successful systems for warehouse automation, robotics guidance, and logistics.

“We’re thrilled to announce the release of Bumblebee X, a new comprehensive solution for tackling complex depth sensing challenges with ease,” said Sadiq Panjwani, General Manager at Teledyne FLIR IIS. Our team’s extensive stereo vision expertise and careful attention to customer insights have informed the design of the hardware, software, and processing at the core of Bumblebee X. With high accuracy across a wide range of distances, this solution is perfect for factories and warehouses.”

Bumblebee X delivers on the essential need for a comprehensive, real-time stereo vision solution. Customers can test and deploy depth sensing systems that work up to ranges of 20 meters with the comprehensive baseline solution. The low latency makes it ideal for real-time applications such as autonomous mobile robots, automated guided vehicles, pick and place, bin picking, and palletization.

Key features include:

  • Factory-calibrated 24 cm baseline stereo vision with 3 MP sensors for high accuracy and low latency real-time applications.
  • IP67 industrial-rated vision system with ordering options of color and monochrome, different field-of-views, and 1GigE or 5GigE PoE
  • Onboard processing to output a depth map and color data for point cloud conversion and colorization
  • Ability to trigger an external pattern projector and synchronize multiple systems together for more precise 3D depth information
  • Software library with articles, example code, and Windows, Linux, and Robotics Operating System (ROS) support

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