Newest Multi-Interace PCI Serial Adapter for Automation & Control

Sealevel Systems announces the release of the 7804c PCI Serial Interface, which features eight field-selectable RS-232/422/485 asynchronous serial ports and supports data rates exceeding 1 Mbps for industrial automation and control applications.

The range of configurability enabled by the 7804c PCI Serial Interface allows users to implement standard serial COM port requirements via RS-232. RS-422 mode can be used for long-distance device connections or applications where noise immunity and high data integrity are essential. For applications that capture data from multiple peripherals along a network, RS-485 can be implemented. Flexibility is maximized as the ports can be assigned a variety of electrical interface combinations while relying on a single 7804c. For extreme environments, the 7804c features a wide operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C. Sealevel’s SeaCOM software is included for easy installation and operation.

“Sealevel’s foundation is in I/O. As we’ve expanded our product line to include embedded computers and carrier boards, we’ve never faltered in the pursuit of providing high-reliability I/O for our customers. The 7804c is a continuation of that commitment for our PCI serial solutions,” said Earle Foster, Sr VP of Sales for Sealevel.

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