NXP Collaborates with NVIDIA to Accelerate A.I. Deployment with Integration of TAO Toolkit with NXP Edge Devices

NVIDIA GTC, NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced a collaboration with NVIDIA that enables NVIDIA’s trained A.I. models to be deployed on NXP’s broad portfolio of edge processing devices through the eIQ® machine learning development environment. This exciting enablement allows developers to accelerate development in the increasingly competitive world of A.I., which is made possible by the functional integration of the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit into the NXP’s eIQ machine learning development environment. NXP is the first semiconductor vendor to integrate the NVIDIA TAO APIs directly within an A.I. enablement offering, making it easier for developers to deploy trained A.I. models at the edge.

Simplifying the training and deployment of A.I. models is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s A.I. developers. To address this challenge, NXP collaborated with NVIDIA to integrate the NVIDIA TAO APIs directly within NXP’s eIQ machine learning development environment. The NVIDIA TAO low-code A.I. framework makes it easier to leverage trained A.I. models and fine-tune them for specific uses with transfer learning, while NXP’s eIQ development environment eases the deployment of these models to the edge through a combination of software, inference engines, neural network compilers, and optimized libraries. As a result of this integration, customers benefit from accelerated A.I. development, access to a library of pre-tested A.I. models, and the ability to deploy them on NXP’s broad portfolio of edge processors.

“A.I. innovation will define the future of the smart connected world,” said Charles Dachs, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Industrial and IoT Edge, NXP. “Combining NVIDIA’s expertise in training and testing A.I. models with NXP’s long history of industrial and IoT edge innovation creates a synergy that allows our customers to bring their A.I. models to market quickly and easily.”

“NVIDIA TAO greatly simplifies the creation and deployment of A.I. models, including state-of-the-art generative A.I. models,” said Deepu Talla, Vice President of Robotics and Edge Computing at NVIDIA. “This collaboration brings highly accurate, optimized A.I. models tuned with NVIDIA TAO and plugged seamlessly into NXP’s eIQ development environment to accelerate edge A.I. deployments.”

The NXP eIQ machine learning software development environment enables the use of A.I. algorithms on NXP’s broad portfolio of microcontrollers and microprocessors. It is fully integrated into NXP’s MCUXpresso SDK and Yocto Project Linux development environments, allowing developers to develop complete system-level applications with ease.

The eIQ machine learning development environment will directly integrate NVIDIA TAO APIs, delivering a single platform for model A.I. training, optimization, and deployment. NVIDIA TAO provides an API-driven workflow that leverages a collection of pre-trained models and transfer learning to enable users to build custom A.I. models. NVIDIA TAO provides several optimizations, such as model pruning, that increase the inference throughput.

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