Silynxcom and 3M PELTOR Strengthen Collaboration to Deliver Next-Generation Headset Solutions

Silynxcom Ltd., a manufacturer and developer of ruggedized tactical communication headset devices and other communication accessories, today announced an expansion of its ongoing collaboration with 3M™ PELTOR™ (“Peltor”).

Peltor is recognized as the world leader in the manufacture of over-the-ear headsets. Known for its commitment to innovation and quality, Peltor’s products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of various environments, ensuring reliability and performance.

Peltor and Silynxcom agreed to expand their mutual convertion distributor agreement to include Peltor’s latest innovative product – the Peltor ComTac™ VIII Headset. The ComTac VIII Headset offers improved sound protection, hardware design, and user application. The ComTac VIII Headset represents the pinnacle of Peltor’s engineering excellence. Engineered for both communication and safety, the ComTac VIII Headset features advanced technology to enhance auditory situational awareness in noise-intense environments.

This expansion underscores both companies’ commitment to providing cutting-edge communication solutions for tactical and operational environments.

Silynxcom has been adapting Peltor’s over-ear headsets to integrate with its advanced tactical systems, including push-to-talk control boxes. This collaboration has enabled the seamless integration of Silynxcom’s sophisticated communication systems with Peltor’s headsets, offering users a wide choice of operational solutions and improved effectiveness.

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