Up to 1.5x higher Fmax, 2x packing density, and 10x faster compile time

Flex Logix® Technologies, Inc., the leading supplier of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) I.P. and reconfigurable DSP/SDR/AI solutions, announced the availability of espresso, its powerful second-generation EFLX eFPGA compiler. eXpreso, which has been developed for years, is shipping to alpha customers for evaluation. The new compiler delivers up to 1.5x higher frequency, 2x denser LUT packing, and 10x faster compile times for all existing EFLX tiles and arrays. Flex Logix plans to release eXpreso for production later this year.

Embedded FPGA provides crucial flexibility, allowing SoCs to adapt to changing standards, protocols, customer requirements, and post-quantum cryptography algorithms; it also enables software acceleration and deterministic processing. eXpreso significantly enhances the value of eFPGA by minimizing the silicon die area, saving cost and power.

“I am proud of our eFPGA Software team for the tremendous results delivered by eXpreso,” said Cheng Wang, CTO & SVP Software/Architecture of Flex Logix.   “Designs like AES256 are compressed into two tiles that used to take 6. One cryptography algorithm achieved 98.6% LUT utilization – something not achievable even by Xilinx. We can achieve this on EFLX because of our interconnect inventions and excellent place and route algorithms. We are working with initial customers now to apply eXpreso to their designs and are seeing good results.”

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