Mobix Labs Chosen to Supply High-Performance Connectors for U.S. Navy’s Standard Missile-6 Program

Mobix Labs Inc. announces a milestone achievement in collaboration with the U.S. defense sector. Mobix Labs has been selected as a supplier of connectors for the Navy’s Standard Missile-6 program and has completed its initial product delivery.

The Standard Missile-6 is an integral component of the U.S. Navy’s defense arsenal and the only weapon capable of performing anti-air warfare, anti-surface warfare, ballistic missile defense, and sea-based missions. Its deployment enhances America’s naval fleet’s ability to defend against threats ranging from enemy aircraft to ballistic missiles.

Mobix Labs’ connectors have undergone rigorous testing and will be used in the Standard Missile-6 guidance system to ensure precise and reliable communications. This significant milestone reflects Mobix Labs’ unwavering dedication to delivering high-performance, reliable solutions essential for our national defense.

“The integration of Mobix Labs’ connectors significantly bolsters the capabilities and effectiveness of the U.S. Navy’s Standard Missile-6 program,” said Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs. “Our parts deliver high performance and enable high-reliability communications in the Standard Missile-6 guidance system, with the ability to withstand big shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Completing our first delivery of connectors marks a significant milestone, and we look forward to more orders on this important U.S. defense program. This approval validates that mission-critical systems can rely on Mobix Labs’ connectors for predictable performance.”

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