Avionics Digital Panel Meter

For Military & Commercial Aircraft

OTEK’s model APM was specifically designed to replace the “needle” meter standard in many aircrafts. The APM model conforms to Military and Commercial 1” diameter standards with a depth of 2.15”. Additionally, the model conforms to respective Mil-Standards of 461D, 704F, 130K, 810F, and 889B2 as well as being RTCA-160F compliant.

The APM can be loop powered, eliminating the need for an external power supply and expensive wiring.  The <100mW loop power adds a burden under 5 VDC max to the loop and has an operating range of 3-36mADC. The APM features 4-20mA or a VDC signal input, 0-5VRMS/VDC for intensity control, and 5-48VDC power input. The 4 digit ( display comes in standard red, green or blue. The display can also be NVG3 compliant (green display only). 

The APM is conducive for an altitude up to 50,000’ and weather conditions from -20°C to 70°C. The accuracy and linearity of the APM is +0.05%. It weighs 1.5 oz and its display consists of 0.25” high efficiency LED’s. The APM also adheres to a Cyber Security Exempt status, as it was designed without any digital assets.

Oteks AS


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