BOXX and PAC Combine to Create Premium Hardware & Data Storage Platform

BOXX and Pacific Alliance Capital Storage Systems Combination Provides World-Class,

End-to-End Computer Solutions

BOXX Technologies announced that it has joined with three major data storage divisions consolidated under Pacific Alliance Capital  (PAC):  PAC Storage, WCT, and PAC Data. PAC Storage is a premier developer and manufacturer of storage systems and WCT is a storage systems integrator/reseller, while PAC Data is responsible for storage distribution. The combination arrives as both BOXX and PAC are experiencing record growth. The pair of entities will report to parent company Craftsman Capital Partners, a Dallas, Texas-based private equity firm.

“There’s an explosion in the amount of data being consumed by our key customers,” said Rick Krause, BOXX CEO. “In fact, storage is the fastest growing area of the market segments we serve, so by joining forces with Rick Crane and Dave Holloway, the longtime, successful, senior PAC management and their excellent team, we’ll offer a complete portfolio of world-class storage solutions that deliver the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and reliability.”

Based in California and focused on data storage, backup, and disaster recovery, PAC has extensive expertise in SAN, NAS, and backup solutions. Through direct alignment with leading storage hardware and software innovators, PAC sales and engineering offers clients complete solutions. The company’s goal is to assist enterprise consumers with data storage offerings through WCT or PAC Data authorized resellers.

“We’re excited about the opportunities that the BOXX team and technology brings to PAC’s existing portfolio,” said Rick Crane, PAC CEO. “This enables the PAC team to continue to expand our storage offerings which have grown exponentially driven by the increase in complex technologies, advancements in media and entertainment, and increased data security. With this consolidation, we together have the springboard to launch a premier end-to-end solution to successfully satisfy and enhance the accelerating demands in the marketplace.”

BOXX began primarily in media & entertainment, producing the fastest and highest quality hardware solutions for VFX, animation, and motion media applications. However, over the past decade, the hardware manufacturer has expanded to also develop products specific to architecture, engineering, and other markets which rely on professional 3D design applications. Data storage has always represented a tremendous opportunity for BOXX and as the company continues to add enterprise customers like broadcast networks and organizations with massive storage needs, PAC is a natural fit.

The BOXX and PAC combination also includes Cirrascale Corporation, a premier developer of multi-GPU servers and cloud solutions designed for deep learning infrastructure. The 2017 Craftsman Capital acquisition of Cirrascale enabled BOXX to add Cirrascale’s deep learning hardware to its line of multi-GPU solutions and solidified BOXX as the leader in multi-GPU computer technology. Cirrascale Cloud Services has continued to provide GPU-as-a-Service and other professional services offerings.

“BOXX is an incredible brand built on delivering the highest possible performance to the customer,” said Barrett Dean, Partner at Craftsman Capital. “With expanded resources and knowledge base, we have complete confidence that consumers will view BOXX as a one stop shop for end-to-end workstation requirements, especially now as BOXX completes their portfolio with data storage products. The highly experienced BOXX management team has done an outstanding job of building BOXX as a premium solution provider, so the addition of PAC further expands the BOXX brand into new markets.”

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