Squirrel Compliancy Solutions Awarded Contract to Provide CCRI Support by the US Army’s Military Entrance Process Command (MEPCOM)

Squirrel Compliancy Solutions is announcing the United States Army’s Military Entrance Process Command (MEPCOM) awarded a contract to Squirrel for their Automated Network Compliancy for DISA STIGs (ANCDS). MEPCOM is using Squirrel’s ANCDS solution to gain continuous monitoring and enforcement of their security posture and vulnerability risk awareness. ANCDS supports nine DISA STIGs audits and updates the audits as DISA revises or releases new STIGs.

MEPCOM enterprise network provides services to every branch of the United States military. Squirrel’s ANCDS solution dynamically adjusts to the unique configuration of each remote site. ANCDS was able to identify vulnerabilities previously undetected by their previous solution, automated the remediation process, reduced their risk exposure, and passed their subsequent Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRI).

Squirrel’s Systems Engineer, Gilbert Bollinger notes, “MEPCOM struggled with completing a full audit of their network within a year due to the personnel hours and manual efforts required. After installing Squirrel’s ANCDS, we brought the time it takes to complete an audit down to 25 minutes. They can start the process and get a cup of coffee while it runs in the background. Now, they have a clear view into their security posture on a daily basis. MEPCOM saw an immediate return on their investment within the first month of using ANCDS.”

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