Abaco Systems Wins Order to Support Upgrade of AC-130J Gunships

Abaco Systems, Inc. announces a design win with an initial value of $505k, and a lifetime potential of $4.5m supporting a major defense prime upgrade to an existing Side Head-Up Display platform in AC-130J gunships. This Side HUD application is to enable operational visibility of the battlespace for the platform.

Abaco’s newest high-performance embedded computing system, the MAGIC1A, was chosen after a competitive selection process, by meeting and exceeding the requirements for key upgrade features including increased storage space for mission and flight data, higher processing capacity, and cybersecurity capabilities. Abaco was selected for its ability to innovate and deliver while meeting critical schedule requirements.

Abaco has delivered ~50 legacy MAGIC1 systems over the past several years for this application. The MAGIC1A delivers the latest in Graphics and Computer Processing to a rugged SWaP-C3 improvement on a legacy design, which ensures seamless integration and an extensible technology roadmap. The operational stability of the legacy product combined with a cleantech insertion and upgrade path to current generation capabilities with the MAGIC1A system made Abaco the ideal choice for this design win. The customer required pin-compatibility with the legacy system and an upgrade to the MAGIC1A met that need. Abaco’s innovative approach will allow the customer to reduce the technology footprint on the platform via an SDI I/O upgrade on the system.

John Muller, Chief Growth Officer at Abaco Systems, Inc. said, “We have had an excellent source of relationship capital with this customer from years of exceptional service. Our innovative approach met synchronized expectations to deliver exactly what the customer needed to succeed. This design win is a prime example of Abaco’s ability to innovate so that we can deliver best in class military and aerospace contributions.”

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