Reflex Photonics awarded multimillion-dollar contract to deliver radiation-resistant optical transceivers for advanced, high-throughput communication satellites.

SpaceABLE optical modules developed for ARTES Scylight program

Reflex Photonics, a Smiths Interconnect company, has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to deliver thousands of SpaceABLE®28 optical module devices to be used in state-of-the-art, high-throughput communication satellites (HTCS) that will be deployed in geostationary orbit.

Building on the recognized robustness inherent in the design of Reflex Photonics’ optical modules, the SpaceABLE®28 line will provide radiation-resistant optical interconnect modules tested and qualified for use in a harsh space environment. Reflex Photonics has benefited from support from the European Space Agency ARTES Scylight program with financial contribution from the Canadian Space Agency to pursue the development of advanced, high-speed, digital inter-satellite optical fiber communication modules.

Tullio Panarello, Vice President, and General Manager Fibre Optics and Components at Smiths

Interconnect, commented: “The optimization of our radiation-resistant transceivers to address the rigorous demands of GEO HTCS would not have been possible without the reputable crossfunctional teams at Reflex and the invaluable contribution of the Canadian and European space agencies”.

Optical communication technology is becoming one of the major revolutions in HTCS. It will bring unprecedented transmission rates, data security, and resilience to the future HTCS and satellite constellations. The contract award to Reflex Photonics acknowledges our market-leading design expertise and our commitment to technical excellence.”

The ARTES Scylight program was designed to address the development, demonstration, and

utilization of innovative optical technologies for digital satellite communication and foster

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