PPM Systems Supplies Custom Filters to British Army

PPM Systems has designed and produced 90 custom filters for the British Army spectrum team based at Blandford Camp to support the Army’s Battlefield Tactical Communication and Information Systems (BATCIS) program to upgrade its capability.

The custom filters include multiple designs of narrowband cavity filters in bandpass and bandstop versions. They are an important element that allows for increased co-location and integration of systems onto common platforms. The use of filters reduces intermodulation and out-of-band noise, providing optimum signal levels and traffic throughput.

Paul Cotterill, PPM Systems Business Development Manager, said: “This was a significant order for high-quality filters across 30 custom types and is a good example of PPM’s rapid design capability to supply these types of filters.”

Cavity filters are ideal where low insertion loss and medium to high power handling are required with high selectivity and out-of-band rejection. PPM Systems can supply custom filters in a range of designs and technologies including lumped element (LC), cavity and comb filters, microstrip, ceramic coaxial, and helical filters.

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