Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Introduces New Starter Kit System and 8-Slot OpenVPX™ Chassis to Speed Development of CMOSS/SOSA Technical Standard 1.0 Aligned Solutions

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a leading supplier of a modular open systems approach (MOSA) based solutions, introduced two new natural convection-cooled system solutions designed in compliance with the U.S. Army CCDC C5ISR Center’s CMOSS standard and aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard 1.0 at the AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting and Exposition.

In support of its commitment to lead the industry in delivering rugged MOSA solutions, Curtiss-Wright announced the new CMOSS/SOSA Starter Kit (CSSK). Designed for use on ground combat vehicle (GCV) platforms, the CSSK speeds the development and demonstration of CMOSS/SOSA solutions by providing a pre-integrated 4-slot SWaP-optimized 3U VPX system that combines a VICTORY network module (Aligned with SOSA Profile: 14.4.14 DP/CP Switch), A-PNT module (Aligned with SOSA Profile: 14.9.2 Radial Clock), single-board computer (aligned with SOSA Profile: 14.2.16 I/O Intensive) and 3U VPX power supply unit.

Curtiss-Wright also announced its new 8-Slot CMOSS/SOSA aligned Enclosure that provides a highly configurable rugged platform for Ground Mobile and GCV environments. The powered chassis features 8 3U OpenVPX slots, all of which are aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard 1.0. It features one External I/O slot, one I/O Intensive Compute Slot, four Generic Payload slots, one Data Plane/Control Plane Switch Slot, and one Radial Clock Slot that supports Assured-PNT functionality.

Curtiss-Wright’s new CMOSS chassis are designed to meet the U.S. Army PEO Ground Combat Systems (GCS) Standardized A-Kit / Vehicle Envelope (SAVE), a new standard that defines internal mounting and physical interfaces for connecting CMOSS systems and radios to platforms. These fan-free chassis are ideal for use in Ground Combat Vehicle, and Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Platforms, as well as high-performance ground or rotary-wing processing applications.

“Curtiss-Wright is leveraging its industry-leading MOSA hardware and system integration expertise to bring the widest range of CMOSS and the SOSA Technical Standard 1.0 aligned solutions to market,” said Chris Wiltsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. “In support of the DoD’s mandate for MOSA-based solutions, our new CMOSS/SOSA Starter Kit and 8-Slot CMOSS/SOSA aligned rugged chassis help ground vehicle system designers rapidly get started on demonstrating and fielding their new applications and delivering new capabilities to the warfighter.”

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