Abaco Systems Announces Latest 3U VPX High-Performance Computer With alignment to VITA 65 or SOSA™ technical standard

Abaco Systems announced the GRA115S available as a rugged 3U VPX VITA 65 or as a high-performance computer (HPC) form factor with a graphics output board and designed to align to the SOSA™ standard. This HPC reflects the market need for ever-increasing performance and delivers the latest in innovation to the rugged military and aerospace market and industrial/data sciences markets for high-performance GPGPU computing and graphics generation applications.

As a leader in mission-ready systems, Abaco offering an HPC and graphics card aligned to the SOSA technical standard in our family of graphics products directly supports our commitment to deliver innovative solutions in the aerospace and defense market sector. With two form-factor options available, the open standard lowers overall risk for the end-user while fitting seamlessly into Abaco’s wider 3U portfolio, which includes the SBC3511, SWE440S, VP431, and VP831. The GRA115S also utilizes AXIS ImageFlex Support which provides ease and acceleration of application development.

Pete Thompson, vice president of product management for Abaco Systems, said, “The GRA115S adds a powerful and flexible graphics output board, specifically aligned to the SOSA standard, to our family of designed to align products. It demonstrates Abaco’s continual industry leadership in adapting the latest GPU technologies for the rugged defense, aerospace, and industrial market sectors.”

Technical Details

The GRA115S is based on NVIDIA’s® Turing architecture using either the NVIDIA RTX5000™or RTX3000™ platforms. Both versions take full advantage of the NVIDIA GPUDirect™ RDMA to minimize latency for real-time video and data streaming. Similarly, both choices of GPU also deliver real-time performance for encoding applications with dedicated H.265 and H.264 encode and decode engines. This card provides up to 9.49TFLOPs at peak performance. The GRA115S offers a PCI Gen 4 switch and high-speed, high-resolution multi-head capability. This exceptional performance in GPGPU computing, AI inferencing, deep learning, sensor processing, and data analytics makes it ideal for use on a wide range of applications, including ISR, electronic warfare, OE/IR, and data science applications.

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