VIAVI Brings its Geolocation Capabilities to the Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform

NITRO Mobility Available as rApp on Service Management and Orchestration Platform

Viavi Solutions Inc. announced that it has collaborated with Ericsson to bring geolocation capabilities to the recently-launched Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform. The collaboration will see VIAVI becoming one of the earliest independent software vendors to contribute its solution to run on the new service management and orchestration (SMO) platform.

The NITRO Mobility geolocation capability from VIAVI will be available as an rApp – a modular radio network application leveraging the non-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (Non-RT RIC) capability of the SMO platform. NITRO Mobility is the leading platform for intelligence, assurance, and optimization based on geolocated, app-aware insight. The solution has been deployed by many Tier 1 operators globally, including one who used it to transform its RAN planning and “green” its network by reducing energy consumption.

The Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform enables any network to be intelligently automated and will work across new and existing 4G and 5G radio access networks (RANs), including purpose-built and Open RAN networks. Using the platform, Ericsson’s operator customers will be able to utilize the intelligence from one rApp, such as VIAVI NITRO Mobility, in combination with other rApps running on the platform, in the creation of services.

“VIAVI is committed to making rApps available from the wide array of capabilities across the VIAVI NITRO Mobility suite of solutions, and we’re focused on delivering geolocation, RAN performance, management, optimization and orchestration to ensure robust mobile networks,” said Deepak Shahane, Vice President and General Manager, Service Enablement, VIAVI. “We view the Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform as an important step forward for enabling service innovation and automation across Open RAN and purpose-built networks. This journey is getting started with Geolocation that can be used by all other rApps in the Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform / SMO. Over time we plan to add further similar foundational capabilities to the platform.”

”Ericsson believes that third-party rApps offer an important opportunity for disruptive innovation and co-creation for both purpose-built and Open RAN networks. We’re hoping that new and diverse players will come into the market and seek to co-create rApps with us and with our customers that can improve network performance, enhance customer experience and reduce operational costs,” said Peo Lehto, Head of Solution Area OSS, Ericsson Digital Services. “Our SMO platform, Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform, comes with an advanced SDK which is designed to facilitate and accelerate the development of rApps, and we are excited to work with a company like VIAVI that shares the same vision to bring innovation to network automation.”

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