Galleon Embedded Computing Releases the rugged XSR 100GbE Recorder

The XSR 100GbE Recorder is the latest addition to Galleon Embedded Computing’s lineup of innovative military embedded solutions. With its rugged design and groundbreaking 100GbE interface, this recorder is perfect for deployed applications such as unmanned systems, airborne pods, and military ground vehicles. Its versatile recording capabilities make it ideal for various uses such as high-speed sensor recording, audio and video recording, along with surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance support.

The XSR 100GbE Recorder is the perfect solution for capturing and storing data in demanding environments. Its rugged design can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions while still delivering consistent performance, functionality, and reliability. Removable data modules (RDM’S) make it easy to off-load your data, and its dual-layer data-at-rest encryption ensures your data is secure.

Cory Grosklags, President of Galleon Embedded Computing, states, ” We are excited to offer the jump to 100GbE in the XSR family of products. As the data I/O requirements continue to grow, Galleon continues to take cutting-edge technologies into the rugged deployment market space.”

Galleon Embedded Computing provides commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system-level and board-level rugged computing products primarily aimed at high-speed data acquisition, high-density storage, and complex signal recording systems.

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