Primary and Secondary Compute Intensive 3U VPX Plug-in Card

Concurrent Technologies announces a 3U VPX rugged server Plug-In Card (PIC) based on the recently announced Intel® Xeon D-1700 processor. TR MAx/6sd-RCR has been developed to satisfy the growing need for high compute capability PICs that are aligned to the SOSA™ Technical Standard and that enable simple and effective technology transitions for next-generation sensor-based systems in defense and aerospace applications.

TR MAx/6sd-RCR is fitted with a 10-core Intel® Xeon® D-1746TER processor, up to 128 Gbytes DDR4 memory and 1TB direct-attached storage designed for workload consolidation and server-grade applications in challenging environments.  For higher bandwidth communications, it supports up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity on the data plane and PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 4 on the expansion plane.  Both the primary and secondary compute-intensive profiles are supported enabling either x8 or x16 PCIe lanes for communication with adjacent PIC(s).  TR MAx/6sd-RCR is supplied with security features to enable a root of trust and is offered with Concurrent Technologies Guardian security package to prevent hardware and software changes once deployed.  Security is further enhanced with the implementation of Lockheed Martin’s Hardened Security for Intel® Processors platform to provide an end-to-end full security chain of trust solution.

Dr. Miles Adcock, CEO at Concurrent Technologies, commented: “As a Titanium IoT Solutions partner with Intel, we are committed to bringing innovative products to market coincident with silicon launch.  This product enables our customers to create ground-breaking sensor-based solutions for the defense markets with the reassurance that these solutions are capable of further technology transitions throughout their life cycle.”

“Lockheed Martin is proud to support a wide range of defense customers with our proven hardened security platform now with Concurrent Technologies’ SOSA aligned rugged server products,” commented Scott Hinnershitz, Lockheed Martin Missiles, and Fire Control Cyber Architect senior manager. “Lockheed Martin Hardened Security is a virtualized security isolation technology that offers attribute-based security controls, a fully secure run-time solution, and greater data confidentiality to protect customer domains.”

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