DIGISTOR® Poised to Receive Common Criteria Certification For FIPS Self-Encrypting Drives in 2022

DIGISTOR announced it is in the validation stage of the Common Criteria (CC) certification process. Once achieved, its FIPS 140-2 L2 Self-encrypting Drives (SEDs) will be the only products offering this class of security in the market, making it the de facto standard for companies needing to validate their secure DAR solutions.

Today, program managers and developers can start testing and validating their data security solutions using the DIGISTOR FIPS SEDs, knowing that the same SEDs will be NIAP-listed in the near future. This gives them a NIAP-listed secure storage solution available in volume at COTS-level prices.

“Increasingly our customers are asking for robust secure data storage solutions with both FIPS and Common Criteria certification to address the ever-changing security threats and evolving legislative requirements,” said Robin Wessel, Executive Vice President, CDSG. “Undertaking the rigorous Common Criteria validation process and securing certification is a testament to our commitment to our customers and a ground-breaking move that sets new standards in secure storage.”

In addition to this essential milestone, the company announced that Lightship Security is simultaneously validating its FIPS versions of the CRU SHIPS NVMe removable SEDs and DIGISTOR’s recently announced C Series SEDs, powered by Cigent®, for CC certification. The SHIPS removable storage architecture is a cross-platform removable NVMe solution used for physical data security and data transport. DIGISTOR C Series SEDs make it easy to cost-effectively protect sensitive data on laptops, desktops, and other user endpoint devices.

DIGISTOR is working with the accredited Austin, Texas, office of Lightship Security Common Criteria and FIPS 140 laboratory and expects to receive the CC certification process and the subsequent NIAP listing later this year. For the first time, program managers and developers will be able to secure NIAP-listed drives at COTS-level pricing for their critical infrastructure companies, industry, and military and government agencies customers who require the highest levels of data security.

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