Mercury Systems Receives $10M Contract Award for Airborne Radio Modernization Program

Mercury Systems Inc. announced it received a $10 million award to provide an innovative pilot controller interface for a leading prime contractor’s airborne radio modernization program. The radio system, built specifically for missions that depend on the beyond-line-of-sight range, requires the space-efficient, affordable and modular communications connection that Mercury’s processing solution delivers.

Why It Matters
As more and more data require processing and management, simplifying the communications control interface helps aircrews make mission-critical decisions more quickly and with confidence.

“Our customer depends on Mercury to help them solve their most safety-critical processing challenges,” said Jay Abendroth, vice president, of Mercury Mission. “In delivering a communications management solution that is space-efficient, reliable, and upgradeable, we are proud to play a role in supporting our customer’s desire to ensure pilot and mission safety.”

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