Galleon G1 Rugged Computing Solutions Achieve NIAP Certified Dual Layer Encryption for Data at Rest

The XSR & G1, Galleon's most versatile and sought-after rugged computing solution, has achieved certification through the National Information Association Partnership on its hardware and software full-disk encryption. NIAP oversees the certification of commercial information technology products for national security systems, and after an extensive evaluation through a NIAP-approved Common Criteria Testing Laboratory (CCTL), the XSR & G1 will carry Dual-Layer Encryption Certifications. This certification applies in all Common Criteria partner countries and will allow Galleon's customers to deploy the rugged XSR & G1 computing solutions quickly, effectively, and into harsh environments where classified data protection is required.

Cory Grosklags, President of Galleon Embedded Computing, states “This is an exciting milestone for the XSR & G1 and it demonstrates our commitment to providing best-in-class security features for our customers.”  Multi-layer protection is the basis on which the US program for Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) is based. Software Full Disk Encryption (SWFDE) uses the central processor for authentication, and Hardware Full Disk Encryption (HWFDE) uses a separate processor for authentication and loading the DEKs into inline crypto devices.

Hardware Encryption Features:

  • Multi-channel SATA encryption
  • Separated main processor key handling
  • Symmetric AES-256 encryption
  • Software Encryption Features:
  • LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) for key exchange/authentication
  • Supports up to 8 users per drive
  • Independent from hardware encryption layer
  • Available system SSD encryption

Galleon Embedded Computing is an innovative leader in the development of extremely rugged, secure storage solutions, data recorder systems, servers, network-attached storage devices & processing systems intended for deployment in the harshest environmental conditions.

Galleon has been part of the Spectra Aerospace & Defense group since August of 2021, a trusted group of defense electronics companies providing innovative solutions in support of national security requirements around the world.

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