Cincoze Announces New Open Frame Display Module CO-100 Series

Cincoze launched the CO-100 Series of open-frame display modules with robust features and exclusive adjustable design for easy fitting into enclosures of different materials and thicknesses in industrial applications such as automation machines and kiosks. The debut CO-W121C, a 21.5″ 16:9 high-resolution FHD display module with a PCAP touchscreen, is the latest addition to the CO-100 series, further expanding the variety of sizes, display ratios, and touch methods to meet a broader range of market needs.

The CRYSTAL Display Computing product line has three distinct series: CV-100 for indoor HMI requirements, CS-100 for outdoor high-brightness applications, and CO-100 for installation in a wide range of enclosures and cabinets. All three series use Cincoze’s Convertible Display System (CDS, Patent No. M482908) so they can be combined with a computer module (P2000/P1000 Series) to make an industrial panel PC, or combined with a monitor module (M1000 Series) to make an industrial touch monitor while retaining flexibility for future upgrades.

Adjustable Design Makes Installation Easy

The biggest feature of the CO-100 series is the adjustable mounting bracket, specially developed for equipment manufacturers. The thickness adjustment setting makes it easy to fit cabinets of different thicknesses and allows precise and sturdy positioning. The CO-100 series also supports different locking methods (panel and boss type) for flat or standard mounting, simplifying the installation process and providing more convenient integration while giving a smooth and consistent appearance for cabinets of different materials and thicknesses.

Integrated Structure Fits Any Machine

The CO-100 breaks free from traditional open frame designs by adopting a new integrated structure that reduces complex customizations for installation in equipment, improving the efficiency of on-site deployment and simplifying the cost of future maintenance. The different installation methods support a wide range of applications, with the flat and standard mounting as standard, but after removing the mounting bracket, the VESA mount can be used for a standalone system or installed in a 19” rack.

Robust and Reliable Design for Industrial Applications

The CO-100 series embodies Cincoze’s high quality, stability, and robustness by utilizing industrial-grade materials, providing an IP65 waterproof and dustproof front panel, supporting 0–70°C wide temperature operation, and giving 50,000 hours of backlight life. The CO-100 series is also in line with CE and FCC EMC requirements, making it ideally suited for industrial HMI applications. Finally, in addition to the standard P-CAP touch, a single-point resistive touch is set for future release.

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