SynQor® Releases an Advanced Military Grade Compact 4 kW, 270 Vdc Input Inverter (MINV-4000-1U-270)

Converts 270 Vdc Input to Single Phase AC (115 or 230 Vrms at 50, 60, or 400 Hz). Multi-Unit Capabilities allow Parallel, Redundant and 3-Phase Systems. Sealed, Shock, and Weather-Proof Construction. 1U Rack Unit, Ultra-Low Weight (33 lbs.).

SynQor, Inc. announces the new rugged, 270 Vdc input, high power, compact, military-grade inverter (MINV-4000-1U-270). The new 4000 W 115/230 AC output inverter is low-weight with an easy-to-use design for military, airborne, naval, and mobile high-reliability applications. This inverter is designed to withstand extreme electrical, shock, vibration, and environmental conditions. The inverter draws power from a standard 270 Vdc power supply and delivers a fully isolated, well-conditioned, pure-sinusoidal AC output. Compliant with a wide range of military standards, this inverter is designed for applications where output power, space, weight, and reliability in harsh environments are a major concern.

The MINV inverter is also exceptionally flexible. It supports parallel and N+M redundant configurations of up to 32 units for high power and/or high-reliability requirements. Multiple MINV units can be arranged to deliver complex multi-phase power schemes like 3-Phase and split-phase (doubling line-to-line output voltage and total output power).

The new MINV-4000-1U-270 has an SNMP Ethernet base module that allows configuration via a user-friendly web interface and real-time remote monitoring with trap/email features that warn users and monitor consoles of important system events. Other options include a wide range of AC output characteristics (115 or 230 Vrms at 50, 60, or 400 Hz); a floating ground option for aerospace and naval applications; and an electronic AC output breaker that allows users to build fault-tolerant, dependable, redundant, high-output power solutions.


  • 160-330 Vdc to single-phase AC (4 kW 115 or 230 Vrms at 50, 60 or 400 Hz)
  • Pure sinusoidal, well-formed AC output for 0.0-1.0 power factor linear/non-linear loads
  • Parallel and N+M redundant power solutions of up to 32 units
  • Rugged, sealed, weather and shock-proof, wide temperature range -40 to +55 °C
  • Compact, ultra-low weight, 1U high rack-mount unit (17″ x 22.42″ x 1.73″; 33 lbs.)

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