Concurrent Technologies Launches A New Processor Plug-In Card, Hermes

Concurrent Technologies is excited to announce the launch of Hermes, a high-performance Plug-In Card based on an Intel® processor.

The Company will market Hermes as a Plug-In Card to system integrators and use it as the basis for its system-level products that require a high-performance processor. Typical applications include situational awareness, command and control, mission computing, and rugged storage.

Hermes has been designed in alignment with the latest technical standards and harnesses the performance of the recently launched 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-13800HRE processor, formerly Raptor Lake. Compared to the previous generation Plug-In Card, Hermes has more processor cores, three times the number of accelerator engines, and twice the memory capacity.

This additional capability allows consolidation of all the processing functionality onto a single Hermes instead of requiring a processor plus an accelerator. Hermes will be available for two different system-level cooling standards, extending the use cases to more demanding environments and applications.

Miles Adcock, CEO of Concurrent Technologies, commented on the launch of Hermes:

“Hermes is the latest high-performance embedded solution from Concurrent Technologies that reinforces our commitment to delivering leading-edge products to market at an increasingly swift cadence. The development path of Hermes has been carefully coordinated to coincide with the release of Intel’s launch cycle and provides an exciting foundation for future system-level solutions.”


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