Telit Cinterion Adds New Dual-Band GNSS Positioning Modules Featuring the AIROHA AG3335 Chipset Family

Telit Cinterion announced the addition of the SE868K5 family of dual-band GNSS positioning modules. Built on the AIROHA AG3335 chipset family in a scalable design for global deployment or use in the Indian market, the SE868K5 family consists of SE868K5-D and SE868K5-I modules.

A full dual-band (L1 + L5) module offering enhanced performance in harsh environments, the SE868K5-D is optimized for global deployment. At the same time, the SE868K5-I shares the same architecture in a defeatured design for cost-optimized applications in the Indian market. Evolved from the 7×7 mm single-frequency SE873K5, the SE868K5 modules are an 11x11mm addition to the xE868 form factor family, utilizing unified proprietary commands (PTWS) to allow for flexibility and easy migration within the product family. The SE868K5 architecture adds extra LNA(s) after the SAW filter for optimal performances and immunity to interference for the best co-existence with cellular and other radios.

The new modules offer low power and usage profiles to customize applications, including fleet management systems, e-mobility applications, road tolling systems, cellular base stations, automotive telematics systems, wearable sports training monitors, and other IoT verticals. Early marketing samples of the SE868K5 family are available now, engineering samples will be available in May 2023, and mass production will take place in June 2023.

“AIROHA, a world-leading GNSS SoC provider, has partnered with Telit Cinterion for years in creating many successful GNSS solutions,” said Kevin Chen, General Manager at Positioning Communications Product Business Unit of Airoha Technology. The AIROHA’s low-power AG3335 dual-band chip can receive signals from as many as six navigational satellite constellations and provides abundant computing power and memory capacity to suffice the flexible development of various applications. “This will definitely help our customers worldwide shorten the time-to-market of their products and solutions amid rapid evolutions of IoT application requirements,” said Chen.

“As torchbearers in the IoT revolution and staunch enablers of the intelligent edge, we are delighted to offer a solution that not only meets the needs of our global customers but our customers on the Indian subcontinent as well,” said Marco Argenton, VP of Product Management, IoT Modules, Telit Cinterion. “In leveraging AIROHA’s next-generation chipsets with our proprietary technology, we can provide our customers with the best global and local solutions.”

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