Industry’s First COTS Card with 64 GSps ADC/DAC Direct RF Sampling Is Shipping

Annapolis Micro Systems is shipping the industry’s first COTS Card to feature Jariet Technologies’ Electra-MA chip with 64 GS/s, 10-bit ADC and DAC capability. The SOSA™-aligned WILD FMC+ DME1 Card targets demanding applications requiring direct sampling frequency coverage anywhere from 0.1 to 36 GHz (VHF through Ka-band) and/or wide instantaneous bandwidths.

The direct breakthrough sampling Jariet transceiver performs frequency conversion and filtering in the digital domain, eliminating the need for costly analog frequency conversion. The DME1 Card thus provides an unprecedented level of performance and integration for RF and microwave systems:

  • 2-Channel, 40 to 64 GSps, 10b ADC
  • 2-Channel, 40 to 64 GSps, 10b DAC

“This first delivery from Annapolis Micro Systems contains cutting-edge technology in a true software-definable transceiver to support the warfighter with game-changing technology,” said the technical lead overseeing this mission-critical airborne electronic warfare (EW) program.

The card has a usable analog bandwidth of 36 GHz and a maximum instantaneous bandwidth of 6.4 GHz on both channels simultaneously. All transceiver channels feature onboard digital downconverters (DDCs) and digital upconverters (DUCs), including sub-band channelizers for dynamic frequency selection.

“This game-changing product will revolutionize the EW RF chain by using direct sampling techniques to reduce the amount of RF circuitry between the ADC/DAC and the sensor,” said Annapolis Micro Systems VP of Hardware Engineering Dan Markoff. “It truly slashes the requirements of size, weight, and power (SWaP).”

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