New MORA-Ready System Solutions From Elma Expedite Application Development with Intuitive Software Tools Fully Integrated, customized development platforms aligned to SOSA

Elma Electronic will demonstrate a MORA-Ready Development Platform at the 2023 Sea Air Space event. This integrated platform simplifies the process of RF signal processing capabilities and expedites the integration of existing applications aligned with MORA.

Using Sciens Innovations’ hardware-agnostic helux core, a combination of software libraries and firmware modules, Elma’s MORA-Ready Development Platform integrates an I/O-intensive processor card, a high-speed Ethernet switch and a high-performing RF transceiver payload plug-in card (PIC) to provide interfaces aligned to MORA for the VICTORY Data Bus (VBD) and MORA Low Latency Bus (ML2B).

The demonstration platform uses a standard Elma CompacFrame with an 8-slot backplane aligned to SOSA and power and chassis management with a range of payload, Ethernet switch, power supply, I/O, and other PICs from a large ecosystem of embedded computing manufacturers.

Ken Grob, director of embedded computing for Elma Electronic Inc., noted, “We’re excited to be demonstrating the capabilities of the SOSA ecosystem to deliver innovative implementations for deployment in real applications. Through our extensive industry partnerships, like with Sciens, Elma continues to build systems and partnerships based on the wider open standards community.”

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