Anritsu Company Enhances Signal Analyzer MS2840A for More Efficient Pulse Radar Measurements

Anritsu Company introduces the Pulse Radar Measurement Function MX284059B software for its Signal Analyzer MS2840A that, creates a single-instrument solution for automated pulse radar measurements to dramatically reduce cost-of-test and test time on the production line and in the field. The MS2840A, when equipped with the new software and the USB Peak Power Sensor MA24406A/18A/40A, supports tests of Tx characteristics that typically require a spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, power meter, and frequency counter.  

The MX284059B software has a more comprehensive pulse-width measurement range than previously available with the MS2840A and supports new interlocked control of the USB Peak Power Sensor MA24406A/18A/40A for automatic high-accuracy Tx power and pulse-width measurements. Using short pulses, the single-instrument solution can accurately test high-performance radar, including aerospace and maritime applications. It also supports long-range radar using long-repetition cycles.   

S-, C-, X-, and Ku-band (3 to 15 GHz band) pulse-radar Tx tests can be conducted with the Signal Analyzer MS2840A-based solution. Automatic tests of Tx power and frequency, pulse width, pulse rise/fall times, repetition frequency, and spurious emissions can be made. Spurious emissions test results are evaluated based on Recommendation ITU-R SM.329, SM.1541, and M.1177 using masks superimposed on the MS2840A test trace display.

All test stages, from data acquisition to spectrum emission mask creation for Tx spurious emissions, are fully automated. The Signal Analyzer MS2840A saves measured data, measurement screens, and pass/fail results in an integrated manner for enhanced evaluation.

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