Drone Industry Set to Take Off with Release of Streamlined Beyond Visual Line of Sight Regulations

With over 24 years of operations and commitment to advancing drones, Draganfly cites the new streamlined regulations as the seminal event for the broad integration of drones.

Draganfly Inc. is well poised to meet the market acceleration of the evolved and newly announced regulations governing Beyond Visual Line of Sight (“BVLOS”) drone operations by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”).

Dragonfly has been actively preparing for this evolution, ensuring it is well-positioned to serve its existing and future public safety: First Responder, Search & Rescue, Wildfire, Medical, and Defence customers.

As part of this development, the FAA has announced important updates to drone waivers to enhance safety and expand operations. These updates were created through collaborative efforts between public safety stakeholders, companies, and the FAA.

The FAA has introduced new waivers and templates that streamline the approval process for drone operations, particularly in the public safety sector. The Drone as a First Responder (“DFR”) BVLOS/FR-BVLOS significantly reduces the approval timeframe from over six months to just a few days. This improvement will benefit Draganfly, enabling the Company to expand its presence in multiple industries and capitalize on more opportunities in the public safety sector.

Dragonfly has over 24 years of experience manufacturing drones, particularly for public safety in North America, providing crucial drone technology beyond visual line of sight. Dragonfly is a technology, manufacturing, and services partner with leading public safety organizations, such as ColdChain Delivery Services, DroneSense, SkyeBrowse, Vermeer, and PromoDrone.

Also, in support of these streamlined regulations, Draganfly recently opened the Draganfly UAS A.I.R. Space, a 150-acre flight facility dedicated to the advancement of UAS program Adoption, Innovation & Research, which is designed to be the proving ground for our partners and customers testing requirements to attain applicable flight waivers. Dragonfly drones have a storied track record of performance, from being the first Drone credited to have saved a human life to the recent humanitarian and demining missions in Ukraine, which have helped build a reputation as a reliable and efficient provider poised to be a leader with our stakeholders dedicated to saving time, money, and lives.

“Commercial, Government, Military & Industrial drone adoption, expansion, and sustainability can only be attained with a clear and efficient regulatory framework which, after decades of development, has now taken shape and will accelerate the drone industry to its multi, multi-billion-dollar potential,” said Cameron Chell, President, and CEO of Dragonfly. “These regulations will enable broad adoption in addition to opening a whole new range of use cases and potential.”

The market for drones flying beyond the visual line of sight could surpass $34 billion in the next six years. This is being driven by streamlined regulation and expanded applications of drone technology.

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