Nullspace, Inc. Launches as an Engineering Software Company

Nullspace, Inc. was launched as a spin-off from IERUS Technologies, an established defense contractor in Huntsville, AL. Nullspace, Inc. focuses on delivering advanced engineering software for electromagnetics applications.  

With solid backing from IERUS and initial seed funding of $500K, Nullspace, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., is off to a strong start. The three co-founders all hold PhDs in electromagnetics and aerospace engineering and have 10+ years of commercial and executive leadership experience.  

“The proprietary solvers for Nullspace EM have been rigorously tested on real-world antenna, microwave, and scattering problems for the last 12 years,” said Dr. Jason Keen, CEO of IERUS Technologies and Nullspace co-founder. “With this spin-off, we are excited to bring this powerful simulation technology to the commercial market for antenna and radar design applications.”

The Company’s flagship product, Nullspace EM, boasts proprietary fast linear algebra algorithms and multi-CPU and multi-GPU acceleration capability – making this software ideal for solving electrically large, complex problems over 25x faster than available solutions – without sacrificing accuracy.

Dr. Daniel Faircloth, Nullspace’s Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, initially began to develop Nullspace at IERUS because he wanted more than the EM tools available on the market. Dr. Faircloth and his engineering team needed more power and flexibility from their simulation tools to design complex electromagnetic devices for defense and aerospace.

Dr. Faircloth and his team set out to design a better solution. “Our customers did not ask us to develop software. They asked us to create next-generation RF technologies to solve their most challenging problems,” says Dr. Faircloth. After 12 years of developing a tool to help deliver those cutting-edge RF products for the US military, Nullspace was born.

Nullspace CEO, Dr. Masha V. Petrova, was recruited by IERUS and joined as the Nullspace co-founder after an extensive CEO search. The co-founding team recruited a strong group of advisors with comprehensive defense, finance, R&D, and entrepreneurial experience.  

“Unlike present-day solutions, the Nullspace solver architecture was developed from the ground up to scale across multiple cores, which makes it ideal for design optimization, uncertainty analysis, and SaaS applications where engineers need flexibility,” said Dr. Petrova. ”Our product roadmap includes expanding to the cloud and adding proprietary AI technology to automate EM device design in a way that is not on the market today.”

The Company is currently offering three products commercially: Nullspace EM – an EM simulation solver designed for solving large optimization problems for defense, aerospace, automotive, and communications applications; Nullspace Prep – CAD and meshing pre-processor that integrates with Nullspace EM; as well as Nullspace ES – the world’s only commercial electrostatic solver for immense scale design and analysis in quantum computing.

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