Enhance Tactical Operations with ATMOS by Core Systems

Core Systems, a leading provider of rugged computing solutions, is proud to introduce the ATMOS, a rugged portable multi-node-based platform with integrated compute, UPS, switch, and router capability.

The portable data center platform can be carried on and stowed easily on aircraft for deployable missions. Our Intel Xeon Scalable CPU based compute nodes have an integrated battery backup with additional IO and GPU options. The ATMOS tactical solution features the industry’s highest compute power per SFF node.

Key Military Requirements

Military customers often encounter challenges when searching for a portable tactical computing solution with adequate computing power for central network operations that is not the traditional 5U rackmount form factor weighing in at 110 lbs. They require a SWaP-Optimized solution capable of housing several compute nodes to build a tactical cloud with a maximum payload of 70 lbs. Truly on-the-move applications need less than a 4-man lift.

How Does The ATMOS Address These Requirements?

The ATMOS, a multi-node tactical data center from Core Systems, perfectly addresses these military requirements. It delivers exceptional performance and durability in a compact form factor.

Key features include:

  1. Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution with high-end Xeon processors and multiple IO configurations
  2. Multi-node configurations with switching options
  3. Integrated UPS battery backup per node
  4. Carry-on form factor transit case
  5. 70lbs max payload
  6. Rugged MIL-Spec chassis
  7. Field setup within minutes

When deployed, ATMOS by Core Systems brings significant benefits to the military:

  1. Enhanced operational capabilities through real-time communication and data exchange.
  2. Rugged and reliable performance in harsh military environments.
  3. Long-term hardware availability and revision control for compatibility and reliability.
  4. Seamless software integration for mission-critical communication.

The ATMOS is a transformative tactical computing solution that fulfills the stringent requirements of military operations. Core Systems is a trusted partner for military organizations worldwide with its rugged design, high performance, and innovative configuration. Empower your tactical operations with ATMOS and experience the difference today.

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