Uncrewed Air Systems Provider Reduces Risk, Enhances Performance with AMETEK Abaco Systems and SYSGO Partnership

The company’s flagship aircraft gets the best flight-certifiable hardware and software


AMETEK Abaco Systems and SYSGO are now equipping an uncrewed air systems (UAS) developer with their joint certifiable mission computer hardware and software components. It comprises the hardware comprising Abaco’s SBC314C flight safety certifiable single board computer, SYSGO’s real-time operating system, and hypervisor PikeOS.

The vertical takeoff and landing UAS uses fly-by-wire; technology and is designed redundantly. The aircraft’s hardware and software package allows it to automatically perform missions in complex electromagnetic environments on land or sea. The certifiable technology solutions created in the collaboration between Abaco and SYSGO is giving the UAS developer increased aircraft development flexibility, openness, and efficiency. The equipment supplied to the UAS developer is the start of a long-term strategic partnership between SYSGO and Abaco.

Abaco’s SBC314C flight safety certifiable single board computer is available stand-alone or as part of the FORCE2C flight safety certifiable mission computer LRU. Both are engineered to meet airworthiness regulations following AMC 20-152A and are available with DO-178C and DO-254 supporting artifacts audited by an FAA

 Designated Engineering Representative (DER). They are suitable for a wide range of airborne and ground control station applications are compatible with certifiable commercial-off-the-shelf APIs and operating systems.

“The UAS now has the most flexible and sophisticated combination of certifiable hardware, an open board support package, and embedded software,” says Alan Hislop, Abaco vice president of business development, sales, and marketing. “Our partnership with SYSGO reduces the risk of any hardware and software mismatch as well as reducing time to develop new aircraft and take it to market.”

SYSGO’S PikeOS is an innovative real-time operating system and hypervisor, providing a platform where multiple virtual machines can run simultaneously in a secure environment. The Safe and Secure Virtualization (SSV) technology allows multiple operating systems APIs to run concurrently on one device. PikeOS provides various operational & guest OSs, including Linux, certified POSIX, ARINC, OSEK, Ada, RT Java, and others.

“The technology partnership between SYSGO and Abaco increases the value and efficiency we can deliver to the UAS developer, as well as to other companies,” says Franz Walkembach, VP of marketing and alliances from SYSGO. “The combination of an innovative software solution with a sophisticated board support package is certainly a plus for demanding mission-critical embedded system applications. Also, with PikeOS, customers profit from an ITAR-free solution.”

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