Curtiss-Wright Announces New Dual AMD® Versal™ Premium Adaptive SoC-based 100 Gbit Ethernet SOSA Aligned FPGA Plug-In Card

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions Division introduced the CHAMP-FX7 (VPX6-476), its highest-performance user programmable real-time processing module. Ideal for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) system architectures, the CHAMP-FX7 is designed to ingest enormous quantities of digital sensor data over optical fibers for wide bandwidth, latency-sensitive parallel signal processing applications. With unprecedented onboard fast fiber optic and backplane connectivity, the module takes user programmability and functionality to the next level. 

The rugged 6U OpenVPX™ board features dual AMD Versal Premium ASoC (Adaptive System on Chip) FPGA devices that add many advanced on-chip features not found on traditional FPGAs. Each device features advanced high-speed I/O and digital signal processing (DSP), supporting a range of Versal Premium devices. The devices speed internal data traffic with a unique low-latency deterministic Network-on-Chip (NoC) architecture that far exceeds the performance of the previous generation of AMD UltraScale+™ FPGA boards. 

The CHAMP-FX7 Adaptive SoC devices, which support up to 64 lanes of VITA 66.5 fiber optic connectivity directly to the backplane and are rated at up to 28 Gbps/lane, support the most demanding deployable EW, Radar, and SIGINT applications. Designed to deliver ultra-high-speed processing of digitized sensor data, the CHAMP-FX7 features quad 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports on the VPX Data Plane, dual 10 GbE TSN-capable Control Plane interfaces, and 32 flexible lanes of PCIe Gen 4 connectivity on the Expansion Plane. The CHAMP-FX7 module joins the recently announced CHAMP-XD4 Xeon D-2700 Processing module as the first 6U members of Curtiss-Wright’s new Fabric100 family of SOSA-aligned processing engines. This extremely high-performance board set delivers a powerful, closely coupled solution specifically designed for the most compute-demanding DSP applications, such as EW, Multi-mode Radar, SAR, SIGINT, and EO/IR.

Aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard, the rugged CHAMP-FX7™ module is in a conduction-cooled 6U VPX form factor with two-level maintenance covers. The module also supports alternate cooling mechanisms such as air flow-through (AFT) and liquid flow-through (LFT).

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