Pixus Offers New Dual Depth SpaceVPX Development Chassis for 3U Boards.

Pixus Technologies now offers an OpenVPX chassis platform that supports 160mm deep and 220mm deep SpaceVPX™ and OpenVPX 3U boards.

 The open frame chassis features up to four slots at 1.0″ pitch of each board depth. The modular enclosure has card guide options to support air-cooled and conduction-cooled boards. There are also wider 220mm deep card guides to support extra thick SpaceVPX conduction-cooled boards per VITA 78.  

A wide range of 3U or 6U OpenVPX backplanes are available, including versions that utilize the KVPX connector per VITA 63. A modular fixed PSU or a pluggable VITA 62 PSU slot is available in multiple configurations.   

Pixus offers SOSA™ aligned, OpenVPX, SpaceVPX, and other architecture backplanes and enclosure systems. The Company provides enclosure solutions in 19″ rackmount, ATR/Rugged, development, and specialty small form factor designs.

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