Allen-Vanguard announces the Production of its 500th SCORPION manpack ECM system.

Allen-Vanguard, a global leader in providing customized solutions for defeating Radio Frequency (R.F.) based terrorist and extremist threats, has announced the production of its 500th SCOPRION manpack ECM system. 

Allen-Vanguard started producing the latest SCORPION manpack ECM system generation in 2019. It is the current in a long line of man-portable systems from the company going back almost two decades. It is perfect for more mobile ECM applications, such as protection for troops deployed on the ground or for specialist EOD teams to provide local protection for an operator approaching a suspect device. Most recently, it has been effectively deployed in a CUAS role.   It is a highly versatile and lightweight man-portable system that capitalizes on a wealth of operational feedback and Allen-Vanguard’s extensive experience in providing highly effective ECM protection from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) and the growing prominence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems (UAV/UAS) aka Drones.

SCORPION is deployed to protect troops, NGOs, and other government agencies in every continent worldwide. Its flexible, modular architecture, a wide range of power options, antenna configurations, and carriage systems make it suitable for many protection tasks.   It delivers a hybrid, full-spectrum system with extensive threat band coverage. Its superior usability and advanced technologies make SCORPION the most powerful response to present and future RCIED & Drone threats.

The threat from RCIEDs and UAVs remains extremely high in many historic conflict regions and new conflict zones emerging on multiple continents. This, combined with the ever-evolving nature of conventional and asymmetric warfare, means that Allen-Vanguard significantly focuses on research and development to ensure its customers receive the best possible protection. The Allen-Vanguard Threat Management Team (TMT) works tirelessly to analyze new waveforms captured by operational systems to update and optimize algorithms specific to each user’s needs and to combat threats specific to the region of operations. In parallel, the development team is working incredibly hard on the next generation of Allen-Vanguard systems, which includes their Remote Radio Head, EQUINOX NG-X, and SCORPION-NG. Each of these systems will be the cornerstone capability of their major programs for man-portable vehicles and advanced future vehicle capabilities for years to come.

Bobby Strawbridge, Director of Business Development for Allen-Vanguard, said, “I am delighted that we have reached this significant milestone for SCORPION. It is the ultimate versatile ECM protection, packed with all our experience and expertise in defeating the R.F. threat in a manpack form to maximize its flexibility and utility. Whether in a dismounted role, on EOD operations or vehicle mounted for patrol protection, or even at a static location countering radio-controlled IEDs or nefarious drones, SCORPION is helping to protect those who face the greatest danger worldwide.”

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