OnLogic Unveils First-ever ThinManager® Ready Industrial Thin Client With Wi-Fi Boot

Offered exclusively by OnLogic, ThinManager with Wi-Fi boot is now available on the TM260 Industrial Edge Computer and is coming soon to additional OnLogic systems with ThinManager version 13.2 and above.

OnLogic has announced the release of the TM260 Industrial Thin Client, the newest addition to their line of ThinManager® Ready solutions. The TM260, which ships with ThinManager Ready BIOS, making it easy to set up out of the box, is the first ThinManager Ready thin client to offer Wi-Fi boot capabilities.

“We are excited that OnLogic is supporting this technology that we know will be impactful for our customers,” says Kim Gonzalez, ThinManager Product Manager from Rockwell Automation. “An industrial wireless thin client solution will expand opportunities for ThinManager deployment in previously difficult or impossible places. Our customers have been asking for this capability for applications where visualization must be mobile. The visualization and management experience remains the same as any other ThinManager Ready terminal, but now without the reliance on pulling cable to receive ThinManager firmware and terminal configurations.”

OnLogic’s ThinManager Ready hardware is leveraged by industry leaders for innovative factory solutions. OnLogic industrial thin clients enable centralized management and, with support for up to 3 native displays, provide more visibility into the operations of a facility. ThinManager Wi-Fi boot allows users to boot their system through a Wi-Fi connection rather than wired ethernet, a frequently requested feature among ThinManager users that was not possible before the release of the TM260. ThinManager can now be used on mobile equipment, like a forklift, robot, or utility vehicle, or in areas where it’s not possible to add a network drop, opening up new possibilities for users interested in leveraging ThinManager’s wide array of client management capabilities.

“We are excited to provide Wi-Fi boot functionality with ThinManager Version 13.2,” says Hunter Golden, Product Manager at OnLogic. “Not only does this enable our customers to expand the use of thin clients throughout their facilities, but it does so in an easy-to-use fashion, deployable right out of the box. This feature set has been requested for a long time, and we are proud to be first to market with this complete solution.”

The TM260, built around OnLogic’s Helix 330 industrial computing platform, is pre-configured for ThinManager OS. It’s powered by the latest Intel® Celeron® and Pentium® processors in a low-profile fanless system with 1x or 2x 1GbE LAN ports. The TM260 joins a newly simplified OnLogic ThinManager Ready product line that supports the newest versions of ThinManager so that customers can easily select the right industrial thin client solution that meets their needs. Wi-Fi boot is expected to be available on additional OnLogic ThinManager systems in the future.

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